Houses for Sale in Downtown Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver, WA offers a unique urban living experience with several advantages for potential homebuyers. The neighborhood's excellent walkability allows residents to easily access amenities on foot or by bike, promoting a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. With a Walk Score of 95, downtown Vancouver is considered supremely walkable, making it possible to run errands and enjoy local attractions without relying on a car.

The area boasts a vibrant community centered around Esther Short Park, which hosts a year-round farmer's market and various events. This lively atmosphere contributes to a strong sense of community and provides ample opportunities for socializing and enjoying local culture.

Downtown Vancouver's location offers convenient access to major transportation routes, including Highway 14 and Interstate 205, facilitating commutes to other parts of the city and the Portland metro area. The proximity to the Columbia River and the newly developed Waterfront area adds to the neighborhood's appeal, providing recreational opportunities and scenic views.

The downtown area is home to a diverse range of dining options and entertainment venues, including artisanal coffee shops, restaurants, and the iconic Kiggins Theatre. The neighborhood also features breweries and wineries, contributing to a vibrant nightlife scene.

While downtown living may come with higher housing costs, the median listing price for condos in Downtown Vancouver is $312K, with 17 condos currently available for sale. The market in this area is competitive, with homes typically staying on the market for 54 days and receiving one offer on average.

For those seeking a dynamic and convenient living experience in Vancouver, WA, downtown offers an attractive blend of urban amenities, community engagement, and accessibility.

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What is there to do in Downtown Vancouver?

Biking Trails

Downtown Vancouver, WA offers an excellent biking experience with its well-connected network of urban trails and bike lanes. The Columbia River Waterfront Renaissance Trail, a 5-mile paved path, provides a scenic route along the waterfront, passing by local restaurants, public art installations, and historical markers. It seamlessly connects to downtown and the Vancouver Land Bridge, allowing cyclists to explore the city's vibrant core. Additionally, the extensive bike lanes on NW Lower River Road lead to the picturesque Frenchman's Bar Park, where cyclists can enjoy a breezy ride along the Columbia River and Vancouver Lake.


Downtown Vancouver, WA boasts a thriving culinary scene that celebrates local, seasonal ingredients and global flavors. Farm-to-table establishments like Elements Restaurant craft innovative dishes showcasing the Pacific Northwest's bounty, while eateries like Anh and Chi and Damso offer authentic Vietnamese and contemporary Korean cuisine, respectively. The vibrant Waterfront area features unique dining experiences, from the exhibition-style kitchen at El Gaucho steakhouse to the rooftop bar and lounge at Witness Tree with its sweeping river views. Local breweries like Loowit Brewing and Trap Door Brewing contribute to Vancouver's thriving craft beer scene, complementing the diverse array of culinary offerings. Whether seeking a cozy brunch spot like The Diner or an upscale Latin-inspired dining experience at Dos Alas, Vancouver's downtown and Waterfront districts provide a delectable journey for food enthusiasts.


Vancouver, WA's prime location just across the Columbia River from Portland, OR offers residents and visitors unparalleled access to a wealth of recreational opportunities in the Pacific Northwest. With its proximity to the Portland metro area, Vancouver serves as a gateway to the region's diverse landscapes, from the rugged beauty of the Columbia River Gorge and Mount St. Helens to the lush forests and hiking trails of the Cascade Range. The city itself boasts an extensive network of urban trails, including the scenic Waterfront Renaissance Trail along the Columbia River, providing easy access to outdoor activities like kayaking, paddleboarding, and cycling right within city limits. Additionally, Vancouver's central location allows for convenient day trips to the Oregon Coast or the slopes of Mount Hood, making it an ideal base for exploring the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest.


Downtown Vancouver, WA boasts several parks that offer a refreshing urban oasis for residents and visitors alike. Esther Short Park, the city's oldest public square dating back to 1853, serves as the centerpiece with its Victorian rose garden, interactive fountain, inclusive playground, and the iconic 69-foot Salmon Run Bell Tower. The park hosts numerous events and festivals throughout the year, including the Vancouver Farmers Market on weekends. Nearby, the Waterfront Renaissance Trail provides a scenic 5-mile paved path along the Columbia River, connecting to the Vancouver Land Bridge and offering access to the vibrant Waterfront Park with its playgrounds, water features, and public art installations. These green spaces, combined with the area's pedestrian-friendly streets and proximity to dining and entertainment options, contribute to downtown Vancouver's appeal as a lively and walkable urban hub.

Night Life

Vancouver, Washington offers a vibrant nightlife scene that caters to diverse tastes and preferences. Downtown Vancouver is the epicenter of the city's nightlife, boasting a variety of bars, lounges, and clubs that come alive after dark. From lively sports bars like Main Event Sports Grill to trendy cocktail lounges like UnderBar and Foxhole Den, there's something for everyone. Music lovers can enjoy live performances at breweries like Loowit Brewing or dance the night away at clubs like Plush Nightlife 360, known for its incredible light shows and sound system. For a more laid-back vibe, visitors can explore the tropical-themed Wahi Hana and Coral Club, renowned for their creative tiki cocktails. Additionally, the nearby ilani casino resort offers round-the-clock gaming, dining, and entertainment options for those seeking an all-inclusive nightlife experience.

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